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Did you know?

  • That 66% of executives said their companies' financial performance would benefit from addressing the issue of domestic violence among their employees?*

  • And in 2007 a survey among Fortune 1000 companies showed more than 50% of executives acknowledged domestic abuse affects their business.**

  • 25% of your employees are either offenders or victims. Human Resource Essential can show you what it's costing your organization and how that's directly impacting your bottom line.

Lost workdays and lost productivity are known as the biggest siphons of corporate profitability we have. These siphons usually are created by things that are happening outside the workplace.

Our expertise is guiding business through a process that translates domestic abuse to determine the financial and human toll on organizations.

Making your workplace more Safe, Supportive, and Sought-After.

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Most companies wait to see "obvious" signs, or experience an event in the workplace.
If it's gotten to that point it has already been simmering under the surface, and affecting your organization. No company is immune - early intervention and prevention is the answer.

We create lasting positive change in your organization with measurable and quantifiable results.

We understand the needs of business. We know how businesses operate. Our response to you is as timely and as urgent as your need for our expertise. Partnering with us reduces your liability.

Above all, our work brings a comfort level to addressing this "taboo" subject with unmatched thought, attention and dignity. You will have a phenomenal experience.

This is an in-depth, comprehensive workplace initiative with long term results. We take the time and expertise necessary to integrate all of your company policies and organization's teams for holistic change.

Clients report several points drop in turnover, demonstrated advances in productivity and clear improvements in corporate culture and morale.

More and more Leaders in high stakes positions are realizing the value of this service, particularly in these stressful times. When you're proactive you know that although you may not have experienced, or heard of, domestic abuse in the lives of your employees, you realize that no one is immune.

When you've decided to improve the culture and leadership competencies at your organization give us a call. We guarantee our process will improve your corporate culture and positively affect your bottom line. It's about the people. Simply put - it's the right thing to do.

*Roper Starch Worldwide for Liz Claiborne, 1994. Addressing Domestic Violence: A Corporate Response. New York: Roper Starch

** RISK Magazine November 2008 "Unhappy Home, Unhappy Workplace" by Carol Roper

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"I placed Stephanie in contact with one of my clients to provide DV counseling in a thorny situation involving an employee. The result was a win on all fronts: employee, co-workers, employer and me. In fact, one could argue the Workplace as a whole benefitted from a demonstration that targeted assistance can generate significant breakthroughs, especially in DV cases. I am pleased about the outcome and will certainly use Stephanie should a similar situation arise for another client."

- Laurent Badoux, Attorney at Law, Greenberg Traurig, LLP

"Stephanie, your personal interest and passion combined with your experience and research really combined well to make for an informative call to action. We so appreciate your support of our mission and hope we'll have the chance to partner again. You truly have valuable material to share!"

- Liz Casey, Sojourner Center